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Aziz, Lachini, Leili, Amirsardari, Morteza, Mahdoodi Zaman,
Volume 8, Issue 2 (9-2014)

This research has been conducted in order to explore the effect of self- efficacy on HbA1c control in case of the type 2 diabetic patients. During an quasi-experimental design of patients suffering type 2 diabetic, whom went through a two month treatment under supervision of a physician a in Mahabad, a simple of 60 patents were selected using a random voluntarily available design and randomization and grouped into two groups of Experimented (n=28) and control (n=30). Experimental groups participated in a course of self-efficacy through cognitive behavioral group method for 9 sessions of 45 minutes. To evaluate the effects of intervention, HbA1c test was conducted before the course, after the course and 3 months after the end of intervention. Resulted data were analyzed using Mixed ANOVA with repeated measures. HbA1c of experimental group decreased significantly after intervention, while the decrease of blood sugar was not significant. These findings remain stable during 3 month at follow up investigation and measurement. Self-efficacy training for HbA1c control in type 2 diabetic patients proved to be effective. Providing this type of training is recommended as part of a comprehensive treatment of diabetes.

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